Random Acts Of Kindness and Maleficence

The Nightcap


“How little do they see what really is, who frame their hasty judgment upon that which seems.” – Daniel Webster

Man Gives $10k To Fast Food Workers

It’s time to learn about the people in the nation who are actually doing great things for others during this current pandemic. We are forever bombarded with news that talks of death, destruction, and greed–which is always a bummer if you think about it too often. With such negative energy in the world, it’s always good to learn of someone who is shedding love and light to others.

In this video, you will see one citizen who decided to turn the anger, fear, and hatred around by doing something great for complete strangers. Without motive or secret agenda, one man went to a fast food joint and gave each worker $10,000 cash! It was his way of letting them know just how much he appreciated their service. Needless to say, the workers lost it the moment he handed them the cash!

TikTok Steals Data

You may not think twice about the dangers of social media and the apps we often download for our entertainment. You might even assume that the apps are completely harmless, which might explain why most of us fail to investigate many apps that our children tend to download into their phones. Well, it’s time to come to grips with the fact that some apps are simply dangerous to our livelihood and they often invade our privacy.

In this video, you will see proof that the famous TikTok app that is currently being downloaded by millions of teenagers has a very dark side. Not only does the app have the ability to steal private information from your phone, but it also sends the information it receives to private parties located in China. Identity theft is easy when you have all of the information that is often found inside most cell phones.

Why do we allow ourselves to trust apps that are available to us? Do we assume that technology or software that is popular in the United States is safe for all users? Is it so difficult for us to understand that anyone can create an app that is downloadable and that anyone can thus have access to our private information? It’s unfortunate that we not only fail to investigate apps prior to downloading them into our phone, but we also allow our children to do the same. Then, on the back end when things go awry, we panic and wonder how things got so far out of hand. Well, it’s easy for things to get out of control when we fail to control the situation from the very beginning.

Who knew that a dirty window could look so good?

There are some people out there who have the ability to see beauty in all things. They can actually look at a dirty car window and see a precious dog, a flower, or even a flowing river. True, this would take a bit of imagination from anyone else, but hey…these folks aren’t just anyone else. They are true artists.

Here, you will see a guy who loves nothing more than to see a filthy car window.