Staying Cool, Calm, and Collected

The Nightcap


“Care is a state in which something does matter; it is the source of human tenderness.” – Rollo May

Trump remains cool, calm, and collected

How often have we been bombarded with reports of Trump acting less than classy when confronted with female reporters? It’s way too many to count. The fact is that whether you like Trump or not, the media can be a bit prejudiced.

In this video, you will see one media clip that the news networks just don’t want you to see. This clip shows a very hostile female reporter who seemingly goes out of her way to get Trump to lose his cool. She talks over him, refuses to give him an opportunity to answer the questions she asked, and she is aggressive in her delivery. The entire time she bombards Trump with her questions and comments, he simply stands there and calmly attempts to address her concerns. It’s amazing that the media never shows such clips. The only thing we see are news clips of Trump being aggressive toward female reporters and calling them names like “nasty” when he can’t seem to answer the questions presented. Why is this? You don’t have to be a Trump supporter to demand that you receive news that’s objective. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t see things that way. They want to prove their point of disdain for Trump and they use their platform to do so.

Taking control of the information that we receive is the first step to empowerment. It’s time to control what we see, rather than continuing to be controlled by what we are forced to see.

The Day Obama Offended The World

How many of you remember the day that Obama insulted all of the citizens of Michigan with his water drinking trick? Not only did he offend those residents, but he also offended many supporters of the residents of Michigan. It was a ploy that only proved just how much of a politician he really was.

In this video, you will see the day that Obama addressed the concerns of contaminated water by drinking a glass of it (supposedly) in front of a crowd, which included citizens of Michigan state. He put the water to his lips and then went on to talk of just how safe the water was. All you could hear from the crowd were gasps, and all you could see were disappointed faces.

Lack of Consciousness

What would you do if a 10-year-old kid walked up to you with a cigarette and asked you for a light? Would you light his cigarette for him, or would you snatch it from him and then look for his parents? Well, in this video experiment you will see a bit of both, unfortunately.

Here, we have a small child that approaches several random adults and asks them to light his cigarette. Without a doubt, you have a few adults who are completely appalled by the mere thought of the child smoking. However, there are those adults who gladly light his cigarette for him and, in some cases, asks him if they could have one. It only proves that not every adult has the mental capacity to be considered an actual adult.