You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

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“Art is parasitic on life, just as criticism is parasitic on art.” – Harry S Truman

There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than Karma!

There aren’t many people who believe in the power of reverse energy, which is also known as karma. Some people think that they can treat others horribly and continue living their lives as if they will never feel the pain that they inflict onto others. Thank goodness there is an energy force that surrounds us all and makes us accountable for all of our actions.

In this compilation video, you will see several people who found out the hard way that karma is indeed very real. There are people who cut others off in traffic and then find themselves capsized by their own undoing. The funny thing is that you don’t want to cheer on the bad energy that people receive, but then again you can’t help but cheer after you see how they treated others.

We have to realize that we have the power to control the energy that we feel throughout the universe. If we want a better world, then we have to practice being better people to one another. When we mistreat others, we find ourselves being punished by ill fate. This ill fate is nothing more than the energy coming back to us that we gave out to someone else. It works the same way with the energy of love. If you send out love and treat people kind, you will, in essence, receive the same energy

Hollywood Exposed by a Walking Dead Man

It might sicken you to know that there are many Hollywood celebrities and directors who are labeled serious pedophiles. They love children in ways that normal people might find disgusting and morally appalling. This, however, doesn’t seem to stop many adult celebrities from forcing themselves onto young children–and now we have one guy who makes it all too clear.

In this video, there is one man who is known for exposing those in Hollyweird for their pedophilia ways and he doesn’t mind sharing names. The problem is that he was murdered shortly after he exposed many people online. He wasn’t afraid of sharing names and he even shared his sources for the information that he had.

The sad part about all of this was that he mentioned in his video that he knew he might die as a result of what he shared. He knew that his shared information would lead to his untimely death, and he didn’t care. He mentioned that living without a cause was not living at all, and as such, he felt it was his duty to expose the sickness of the men and women who work to entertain us.

The Best Street Magician Ever!

We’ve all seen our fair share of some pretty amazing street magicians. We’ve seen those who have the ability to levitate, make our private possessions disappear, and even read our minds in some cases. All of these are great, but what if you could find a magician that could do so much more? Well, look no further because we have found the world’s best street magician.

In this video, you will see things that will literally blow your mind!