No Mask No Service

The Nightcap


“He who angers you conquers you.” – Elizabeth Kenny

That’s Not Social Distancing

If you need proof that there are seriously deranged and stupid people in the world, look no further! We have evidence in this video that there are folks out there who act as if they were born without a brain.

You’ll see a group of people fighting while wearing masks to ensure they are safe from contamination of the coronavirus, yet they are rolling around and wrestling in their physical altercation–not realizing that this might open them to potential contamination.

What could possibly make these people think that wearing a mask would be the only thing they would need to do in order to ensure they are protected from catching the virus? Did they not realize that touching, bleeding, and sweating all over one another would be just as deadly, if not more?

We want to commend them for at least attempting to practice protecting themselves by wearing the masks, but we just can’t seem to give them that much credit. It’s hard enough to watch these guys fight in the street, but to know that they are wearing masks to protect themselves while they touch all over one another is just mind boggling.

Death when asked to put on a mask

We are living in a world that is truly on the edge. People are frustrated by job loss, limits on their freedom to assemble, and limits on their ability to pursue success and happiness. This frustration has people finding ways to express their disdain through anger that is misdirected at total strangers. Unfortunately, this does not always end well.

In this video, you will see what happens when people are asked to wear masks for the sake of their own protection.

Just recently, a security officer was shot to death in Michigan when he told a woman that she couldn’t enter the store without wearing a mask. She not only became offended by his request, but she also thought that his refusal to allow her into the store was a personal attack. As a result of her interpretation of the situation, both her husband and her son shot the security officer to death. Think about that…he was shot over a mask.

What do you think? Do you feel that people should have the right to decide if they will wear a mask in public places? Tell us.

Woman cuts mask down center to breathe easier

In this video, one woman was asked why she cut her mask wide open down the center—exposing both her nose and her mouth. Of course, her explanation was that she needed to provide a vent for her to breathe easier. Wow. We can only wonder how she never realized the moment she cut open the mask it became ineffective.