Magic Or Science?

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Do You Know The Difference?

There are some pretty crafty folks in the world today, and if you don’t believe us then you might want to check out this amazing video! These people are so scientifically brilliant that their experiments look like the most incredible magic tricks.

Science is actually fun when you have the right teacher showing you all the cool ways to make mind-boggling things happen. Just think of all the fun we could have had if we only had someone showing us how to make things float in mid-air, make things disappear, and even make straws drink soda on their own.

We often hear that science is not to be taken seriously in school because we will never use it in day to day life. This is the worst advice that any of us could have received because we actually do use science every day without even knowing it. We use the power of friction and energy when we drive, create projects, and even when we meditate. We have the power to enhance our energy levels by simply increasing the amount of oxygen that we breathe into our lungs.

When we take in long breaths, we give ourselves more energy and allow ourselves to release endorphins which make us feel even happier. We have the power to change our mood when we utilize simple scientific principles. Now, do you feel that science was a waste of time in school? Probably not.

Japanese Are Innovative

The Japanese have created some of the most innovative creations on the planet! They have revolutionized how we use technology and they continue to take it up another notch.

Here, we have a compilation video of different inventions by the Japanese that have yet to see the light of day in America. The funny thing about this video is that you will think that you are watching magic tricks because the creations are that amazing.

From innovative chairs to windows, there is no stopping where they are willing to go with their ideas. It almost makes you wonder if we Americans are a bit behind the 8 ball on our ability to create products that are both practical and appealing.

Digital Exclusive: Dr. Birx Ad – SNL

Dr. Deborah Birx (Chloe Fineman) stars in a commercial to promote her new line of scarves.

Watch Here