Sometime It’s Good To Be A Cry Baby

The Nightcap


“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” – Tom Brokaw

The Benefits of Crying

Most people feel uncomfortable crying in front of others. We often believe crying is immature or see it as a sign of weakness.

However, the ability to go off and have a very intense cry about how awful everything is is in fact healthy – and very mature as well.

Being a crybaby is something we can all be proud of …

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Never Judge a Mom by Her Sh*t

Motherhood is tough and these famous moms want to tell the world!

Kristen Bell is joined by Maya Rudolph and Casey Wilson to tackle mom-judgment in an open discussion about the perils of motherhood.

In this video, they swap stories about being judged for their mom-ing skills and play a parenthood-themed game of “Never Have I Ever.”

These three supermoms are here to remind you to never judge a mom by her sh*t show!

Digital Exclusive: Your House Promo – SNL

A commercial promotes all the enticing features your house offers while you have nowhere else to go during the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the clip here