Not Setting A Good Example…

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“Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen.” – Anaxagoras

Paint Fight At Home Depot

People are losing their damn minds during this COVID-19 pandemic! Now that some restrictions are freed up, there are people running around acting as if they were released from prison.

Take this video, for example. Here, we have grown-ass men hitting one another with paint cans during a fight in a Home Depot parking lot.

It’s uncertain as to what the men were fighting over, but one thing is for sure…it was messy as hell.
When going through tough times, we should all do our best to try and maintain a positive attitude. Taking our frustrations out on others is not something that will improve our situation. As a matter of fact, releasing negative energy onto others will only harm everyone in the end.

Take a moment to watch the nonsense that grown men can do when they are frustrated and in possession of paint. Trust us…it isn’t a pretty picture.

Mixed Messages

Young females have it rough, these days. They are told to be strong, but when they are, we call them Bitches. Then, we tell them to go natural and embrace their true selves, and when they do, we complain to them that they aren’t trying hard enough to look their very best. The list goes on and on of all the ways we attempt to pigeonhole girls so that they can be better controlled when they become women.

In this video, you will see one young lady share her thoughts on the mixed signals and messages that she has received throughout the years. We all know exactly what the mixed messages are for young girls, and in some way, we are all guilty of spreading them.

The unfortunate thing about mixed messages is that young girls who are not comfortable enough to utilize their own mind are normally the first to grow up completely confused about who they are. The beautiful thing about being an individual is that the differences that the person harbors can contribute to society so that we can all be better people. When we attempt to tell a young girl how to act, how to look, and how to dress, we take away her individuality and try to make her no different from any other female. This not only does a disservice to the young girls, but it also does a disservice to the world.

Kumail Nanjiani’s Transformation Made Him Less Interesting

Kumail Nanjiani talks about getting in shape for his role in Marvel’s The Eternals, sticking to his strict diet and working with a horse on the set of The Lovebirds.

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