Experiences Make Us Stronger

The Nightcap


“It is love, not reason, that is stronger than death.” – Thomas Mann

Left Out

In life, it’s unfortunate that it takes a person to experience something for themselves before they can show empathy toward others.

In this video, you will see just that. A white female hanging with a group of her Black friends found out the hard way what discrimination looked like.

The ignorance that prevails our society is something that has existed since the beginning of time. There will always be those who feel they are better merely because they look a certain way.

There are also those who feel they have a right to harm others simply because they were born a certain color. In both cases, ignorance is key because it fails to inhabit any rational reasoning. Whenever reasoning is missing in a situation, you can bet that ignorance will prevail and thus too will problems.

A Painful Past

Are you someone that endured a painful past? Is there something in your history that brings you agonizing horror when you think about it? If so, you are not alone. There are many people out there who have suffered from a painful past and are doing what they can to ensure that the pain of the past does not hinder the joy of their moment.

In this video, you will meet a young woman who endured much in her early life. However, she found a way to use her pain as a mechanism to build strength instead of letting it bring her down.

Anyone can make the decision on whether they will prosper or perish after living a devastating past. The choice is actually up to the person and they have the ability to change the direction of their life. If we know this fact, then we will not feel so helpless each time we endure a hardship. Simply make up your mind that you will turn your negative situation into something that will benefit you and go from there.

Robotic Disinfectant for Planes

After this COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is for sure… things will never be the same. People will consistently worry about catching someone else’s germs, businesses will forever concern themselves with the number that would constitute a “safe” social distance for their workers, and airlines will continue to lose money because people will think they are too germ-filled.

Well …that is until now.

In this video, you will say hello to a new future of sterilization that will determine the success or failure of an airline.